What I know is this, the principle of anything  that serves an industry should be capable of working flawless, if not at all.  Mistake occur if decisions are overseen too quickly, faced with the market, trying to compete with its competitor. The trouble is never the user of the product, I share this as a warning. Like attracts like…

Exposures Pentax K10D All Modes

Green line 60 at F1.4 Download

P mode 60 F1.7  Download

SV mode F60 2.0 – ISO 140 Download

TV mode 60 F1.7 Download

AV mode 60 F1.4 Download

T/AV mode 60 F1.4 – 140 ISO Download

M mode 45 F1.4 100ISO Download

Conditions: Handheld with Pentax 1.4 50mm lens. Anti-Shake system off. Speed ISO 100 Daylight Auto focus ARS

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