A brand lens that’s not compatible with its brand camera, that’s unthinkable….I have learnt by default that miracles could happen to teach one the importance of observation, the World Wide Web and of course truth. I bless those whose aim is to see through the mistakes of the past, only then do we benefit


Self-portrait, photographed with Pentax K10D in timer mode, AF spot

Pentax writes,

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After reviewing your “post” I couldn’t find anything that would definitively indicate an issue with your K10D that couldn’t also be user error.  I would have to ask if you ever contacted Pentax Customer Service regarding the supposed issue, or if you instead put your efforts into this blog?  It seams that contacting someone at Pentax would have been the more constructive course of action.

And while your post suggests that Pentax build a camera that is reliable and easy so use, you should also note that the K10D won five prestigious camera awards around the world during its run.

If you would like us to take a look at your K10D, we are more than willing to determine if the camera is malfunctioning.  Again, the photos in your post don’t necessarily indicate an issue, but simply an image out of focus.
Thank you,


After much frustration trying to determine why this camera failed to focus correctly, I endeavored to research the problem affected by many users over Pentax, and particularly this camera the K10D. The error  is that of the Pentax itself and of its incompatibility of lenses which the Pentax K10D camera had been marketed to work with, flawlessly we presumed.  It claimed to be compatible with all Pentax lenses built since 1964. This meant that its lenses could be mounted on the camera, however they were not guaranteed to work correctly by means of a term called front and back focusing. The camera and lens had to be calibrated which its measurements were  stored. This was limited to 5 calibrated lenses  (reported) in the K10D.

The problem therefore stood if you used a different lens, you may have faced the problem of out of focused images. Only Pentax could correct  this until the camera’s firmware was hacked and the company quickly released an update to disable the function called debug mode. The more cameras and lenses that were brought into service, they tested the correctness  of each lens. This supplied data for future models at the cost of consumer’s time, expense and bewilderment.  I can only conclude that this adjusts the focal-plane of the sensor in micrometers movements, why this is necessary I do not know. If focusing errors had occurred on a film camera, I am quite sure this company would be out of business.

It should be noted the in trouble shooting manual over if a  glitch of the camera not focusing when what you see is in the view finder is in focus is never mentioned.

You can calibrated the Pentax K10d with a PC Windows compatible XP Russian debug mode software.

Firmware 1.3 debug

The password for the  installation is : penta-club.ru

1.Make sure your battery is fully charged.

2. Set up a focal point, I used a steel ruler in a cup and pointed the camera at 45 degrees at a center mark. The debug focus correction is a scale rule measured in  increments of +/- 10 micrometers. Set at 0 and began with a shot taken before to determine where  the camera focused, ie:  before or behind the subject. This takes some time.

To add and remove the debug mode follow the steps carefully as explained here


Calibration lens setup photographed with the Pentax k10d re-calibrated with the debug mode software, handheld 60 at f2.5  AF spot anti-shake off at 100 ISO

Suggestions to Pentax update firmware 1.4

1. Post a bulletin over the issue of this camera to certain Pentax lenses

2. Integrate the lens calibration and offer a chart to aid users with particular lenses.

3. Revamp the menu display, keep it precise without nonfunctional  icons.

4. Improve the jpeg quality to its highest standard.

5. Have a mirror lock up  in timer mode, it is useful to prevent any mirror  disturbances

6. Correct the overall dullness  produced from this camera

7. Offer a rebate or trade in when owners want to buy another Pentax, refurbish and re-sell as a classic model

6. Be recognized for something…..Make more of life PENTAX in the interest of your customers without their kind support, you do not exist.

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