zhang ziyi loves the new Lenovo 2010 cool, light as air, she also made a recovery disks set with ease. Lenovo with Microsoft kong-fu kicks.

“Boy friend, its Yang Yuanqing’s sweetest cooling system coming out from Shanghai shop, I’m making a recovery of this ancient windows, Bill’s Gs favorite called 版本是中小型企業的最佳選擇大型企業, I think am running out of the Ds, could you pass by with a spool or two. Honey, its a all black silky 15 inch blank screen with powerless Lenovo Taiwan technology that keeps it cool and non running. Baby, I can’t wait to boot this MF clunker with I B EMBARRASSED hardware across to you with my kong-fu-homeboy-made-in-America-shoes.

Yang you should show me your “Yuanmeng” and ” Make my dreams come true”, I’ll like the boys at HP to buyout Lenovo and your bowl of rice and 李振藩, 李小龍 kick you both into the Red China sea. I’ll personally will throw in for free, a Gates Vista recovery, his fastest and most reliable anchor.

Le no no novo, le no no novo, no work work mac vista, no work work mac  vista

Does Bill Gates use VISTA Business on Mac Pro? Does he use this his preload recovery process at his own expense ? The most charitable guy in the history of mankind.

Our culture defines us … it’s our DNA. It’s the values we share and the business practices we deploy. Our culture is what has enabled us to consistently raise the bar on delivering break-through innovations and award-winning designs. We are dedicated to the satisfaction and success of every customer. We pursue innovation and deliver the products and services that matter to our customers with speed and efficiency. We strive for trust, honesty and personal responsibility in all relationships. And we seek to work collaboratively, respect and value our differences, and enjoy the opportunity to work across cultures – Yang Yuanqing

IBM Thinkpad T42 (purchased 2005 ) against Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 ( purchased 2009)

I inadvertently recommended a IBM ThinkPad when it turned out to be a Lenovo. I am embarrassed over this referral. I never knew of this company.

The power cord jack is defective internally

The Lenovo brand

Issues over obtaining a copy of  the operating system on a Lenovo ThinkPad SL400

Then, i used over fourteen disks including a DVD*  to create the recovery discs when  Lenovo stated that you needed 1 DVD and 1CD. They have revised it. “Creating recovery discs using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery Use the following steps to create recovery discs for the preloaded version of Windows Vista installed on your system: Note: You will need 1 CD and 1 DVD or 8 CD’s to complete this process”.

The computer failed to complete the task.  I demand the replacement. It took over seven hours to do this process  trying to obtain  a copy of the operating system which you legally have paid for. These burnt CDs and DVD are trash.

* We announced an agreement with Lenovo that creates a powerful new leader in the PC industry. Lenovo will acquire IBM’s Personal Computing Division and create a new company that will bring the strengths of IBM’s legendary PC business …..Before the transaction closes in the second quarter of 2005, nothing changes. And after the transaction closes, your experience as an IBM customer should be the same. Your IBM sales teams should include the same PC specialists, only they will be Lenovo specialists who will continue working closely together with their IBM colleagues. IBM customers will still have access to the world’s finest PCs, integrated into end-to-end, on demand solutions. And IBM has contracted to support the new Lenovo with the PC service support, and financing — and the long-term relationships you expect.


This is the report from the owner, the computer is under warranty: S/N: 4l3-bgf3d 09/01

Yang Yuanqing c/o Rory Read
Lenovo, President and Chief Operating Officer; Acting President, Latin America

To whom it may concern,

I am writing with much sadness and frustration over the purchase at MEMORY BANK  less then a one year on, of the Lenovo laptop ThinkPad SL400. I purchased the machine after my MacBook 15 inch machine was stolen.  I am a designer, so the need to purchase a machine quickly was the reason that I bought the Lenovo.

I am very familiar with both PC and MAc laptops. I have used from floppy disks to external hard drives, being on the ground floor of design innovated software, so I am fully aware of the changes, challenges and pitfalls of using both platforms. When I first bought the Lenovo, I found the machine a bit sluggish next to my MacBook, but I let this pass. The door to the CD/DVD player was also very difficult to open and close. But again, I assumed that the machine was new and had some small teething problems. The first thing that went wrong, just three months into the purchase was the touchpad and keyboard. I also had some issues with the machine freezing up and having to shut it down. This caused me to have to take out the battery. (Something that I dislike doing and would prefer not to do) However, when I brought the machine to be serviced, I did not mention the freezing, as I wanted to again, give the product the benefit of time.

A few months on, the machine continued to periodically crash,(and I have no gigantic design files on the machine!)The key board occasionally prevents me from writing the letter ‘t’, ‘i’or ‘a’. The computer now tells me that I have 1% battery life and will shut down – when it is actually plugged in! Simple programmes like Microsoft Word freeze up as well. Unfortunately this machine has also caused me some embarrassment when I took the machine with me to a reputable printer to transfer files on a job. The machine would not log on, although the company had WiFi. I could not transfer the files from my machine to their Mac or PC platforms. In fact the machine did not deliver at all, and I was left making excuse after excuse while my client politely laughed nervously as fifteen minutes of trying everything I could, and then their technicians could, turned into an hour and a half.

Having issues in the privacy of your own home is one thing. Having issues professionally, is quite another. The machine has shut down many times, and I have left it off for a day or two and then gone back to it. It then boots up without much trouble. But now, it makes chiming noises and clear distress clarion calls. I am satisfied with the cooling fan system on the machinehowever, but the battery pack does get extremely hot. In all of my years of using computers,(1987 to the present) I regret to state that this product has left very little to be desired. I have really tried to work with it without having to come back to your establishment to fix it at every turn. I am left quite stunned by the ineffectiveness of this product.

It has cost me work, it has reduced my pleasure as an object of relaxation and it has caused me stress, as I wonder what and why it is so troublesome. I am now at a place where I need some satisfaction.  I have done my best by this machine, but now I leave it in your hands to diagnose and deduce where I should go from here.

Most Sincerely,

Adele Todd,
Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies


I think Lenovo owns her back her money or a MAC

Ironically this website is updated with the IBM Thinkpad T42