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I like to know who is responsible? Tell us. Choosing things, gathering dust. When I read your comments it over big boy. this camera is perfect, yes perfect in the minds of loyal consumers. Look at it, pay less, feel rich, only if I can convince them that it too is shit


Look Demi, its a blinding beam and not water, I’ve been punked, Nikon sucks

“Hey Ashton, should you be with Demi when taking all those controlled Nikon photographs with younger chicks, Bootya?

Nikon P5100 Engineered for Artistry, Unleash Your Potential, Smart. Sharp. Simply Brilliant. Incredible Pictures, Incredible Possibilities, Incredibly Easy! Fast. Precise. Agile. Evolution in Motion Digital Masterpiece Extreme power and precision delivering exacting detail.

See the winning picture at the Heart of the image Precise control, Powerful photography. Breathtaking Digital performance

This is a photograph of the Nikon cool pix p5100 taken with a Pentax k10D.  Hand held. Auto (Green line) without flash at natural daylight. Exposure 6. F1.4. ISO 100, Anti shake switch off. Lens, 50mm 1.4. It should be noted that a camera using a lens with such a large aperture should not have results such as this. Download

Nikon cool pix p5100. s/n  30400840. Compact well built, view finder has errors, camera does not fire at critical moments. Zoom is not smooth and difficult to control. Pointless.  It also has an assistance focus orange lamp that can blind you. Speeds over 400 ISO has too much noise. Images are clear when photographed in good light conditions. Video relatively acceptable if filmed during the day. Night film shots are grainy.


Trinidad Carnival, 2008. Set inadvertently at 3200 ISO – It  shoots like a disposable

Nikon notes: ISO 3200 capability
Extended light sensitivity range up to ISO 3200* adds the power to shoot more effectively in lower lighting conditions, or to capture fast moving subjects with outstanding clarity. And the new image processing engine produces clear results, even when shooting with high ISO settings.

On the DPreview blog, a reader wrote,

I am no electronics guru, but wouldn’t it be possible to give the P5000/P5100 the ability to shoot RAW via a firmware update? I have seen on the web where people have hacked the firmware in some Canon point and shoot cameras and added RAW shooting capability where there was none before. I e-mailed Nikon yesterday and “asked” for a firmware update, but I am sure unless they get a boatload of e-mails, mine probably just went into file 13 lol. How about everyone who has a P5000/P5100 e-mail Nikon and ask the same thing ? Any Nikon firmware people listening lol

Nikon did listen, in its P6000 model it had what he requested, RAW capabilities. Thank you Nikon

L Ferguson

I have had no end of problems with the viewfinder zoom breaking down on this camera. It was sent away under warranty to be fixed, took months and now after only another 6 months has broken down again. Definitely would not recommend this camera for this reason. It is useless without the viewfinder as outdoors nothing can be seen on the LCD screen.

B. Black

I have to say that the focus inconsistency on the P5100 is so pronounced, in various lighting situations, that I have actually written to Nikon to point this out. CU shots, mid-range portraits and night shots are next to impossible, with hunting and even BEEP-BEEP little green box ‘you’re in focus’ advisories leading to really sharp backgrounds and the subject of the shot in very soft focus. It’s the kind of pukey performance you’d expect from a dime store made-in-china digital, not a Nikon. Have tried various focus modes, take exceptional care while focussing (which tends to ruin spontaneity and snapshooting), but still get the problem.

Not happy at all. A pocket camera should have quick, accurate autofocus. Otherwise, what’s the point? I think it’s back to Casio for me. Or maybe Canon. Or a Lumix. But Nikon sucks.

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The Letter

Fumio Urano,
Charmen of Pentax Co-operation
2-7-5 Naka-Ochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Dear Mr. Urano,

I write to complain over the quality of a camera which is the Pentax K10. It has failed in many occasions to properly photograph in situations as simple as the camera shown in a case study on my website. You are as I am,dismayed.


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your kind thoughts over an issue involving this Pentax product.The purpose of this study is to make manufacturers aware that buyers of their products are not guinea pigs when their equipment fails to take a simple photograph. How difficult is that?

We are then told by comments such as yours to stop complaining and download 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 firmware or get it repaired so the manufacturer can learn what flaws it had. Then they would make the corrections and urge fools to go out and buy the new and improved piece of…………… one month, glamorized in gloss. If this was a private jet, you bet they’ll make it fly.

Pentax may very well learn from all this and work diligently to produce a digital camera that would be admired for its reliability and ease of use, kept for many years. I am not here to plug anyone, I am here to show quality in one’s product.

Look at the industry, look at the losers, we have our flagship, they can't wonder when its time...People can't get enough, the biggest problems lies with currency...

C Moseley:

I bought a Canon 40D after it was introduced just under a year ago. Now I learn that Canon has replaced the model with the 50D selling at the same price point. I cant believe that this company is doing this. I feel both betrayed and swindled. Selling $1400 cameras with a half-life of six months without notifying consumers that the unit will be replaced in less than a year is dishonest. I have used Canon cameras exclusively for more than 30 years. When it comes time to replace my 40D I am purchasing a Nikon.

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