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What I know is this, the principle of anything  that serves an industry should be capable of working flawless, if not at all.  Mistake occur if decisions are overseen too quickly, faced with the market, trying to compete with its competitor. The trouble is never the user of the product, I share this as a warning. Like attracts like…

Exposures Pentax K10D All Modes

Green line 60 at F1.4 Download

P mode 60 F1.7  Download

SV mode F60 2.0 – ISO 140 Download

TV mode 60 F1.7 Download

AV mode 60 F1.4 Download

T/AV mode 60 F1.4 – 140 ISO Download

M mode 45 F1.4 100ISO Download

Conditions: Handheld with Pentax 1.4 50mm lens. Anti-Shake system off. Speed ISO 100 Daylight Auto focus ARS

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The Letter

Fumio Urano,
Charmen of Pentax Co-operation
2-7-5 Naka-Ochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Dear Mr. Urano,

I write to complain over the quality of a camera which is the Pentax K10. It has failed in many occasions to properly photograph in situations as simple as the camera shown in a case study on my website. You are as I am,dismayed.


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your kind thoughts over an issue involving this Pentax product.The purpose of this study is to make manufacturers aware that buyers of their products are not guinea pigs when their equipment fails to take a simple photograph. How difficult is that?

We are then told by comments such as yours to stop complaining and download 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 firmware or get it repaired so the manufacturer can learn what flaws it had. Then they would make the corrections and urge fools to go out and buy the new and improved piece of…………… one month, glamorized in gloss. If this was a private jet, you bet they’ll make it fly.

Pentax may very well learn from all this and work diligently to produce a digital camera that would be admired for its reliability and ease of use, kept for many years. I am not here to plug anyone, I am here to show quality in one’s product.

Look at the industry, look at the losers, we have our flagship, they can't wonder when its time...People can't get enough, the biggest problems lies with currency...

C Moseley:

I bought a Canon 40D after it was introduced just under a year ago. Now I learn that Canon has replaced the model with the 50D selling at the same price point. I cant believe that this company is doing this. I feel both betrayed and swindled. Selling $1400 cameras with a half-life of six months without notifying consumers that the unit will be replaced in less than a year is dishonest. I have used Canon cameras exclusively for more than 30 years. When it comes time to replace my 40D I am purchasing a Nikon.

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