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zhang ziyi loves the new Lenovo 2010 cool, light as air, she also made a recovery disks set with ease. Lenovo with Microsoft kong-fu kicks.

“Boy friend, its Yang Yuanqing’s sweetest cooling system coming out from Shanghai shop, I’m making a recovery of this ancient windows, Bill’s Gs favorite called 版本是中小型企業的最佳選擇大型企業, I think am running out of the Ds, could you pass by with a spool or two. Honey, its a all black silky 15 inch blank screen with powerless Lenovo Taiwan technology that keeps it cool and non running. Baby, I can’t wait to boot this MF clunker with I B EMBARRASSED hardware across to you with my kong-fu-homeboy-made-in-America-shoes.

Yang you should show me your “Yuanmeng” and ” Make my dreams come true”, I’ll like the boys at HP to buyout Lenovo and your bowl of rice and 李振藩, 李小龍 kick you both into the Red China sea. I’ll personally will throw in for free, a Gates Vista recovery, his fastest and most reliable anchor.

Le no no novo, le no no novo, no work work mac vista, no work work mac  vista

Does Bill Gates use VISTA Business on Mac Pro? Does he use this his preload recovery process at his own expense ? The most charitable guy in the history of mankind.

Our culture defines us … it’s our DNA. It’s the values we share and the business practices we deploy. Our culture is what has enabled us to consistently raise the bar on delivering break-through innovations and award-winning designs. We are dedicated to the satisfaction and success of every customer. We pursue innovation and deliver the products and services that matter to our customers with speed and efficiency. We strive for trust, honesty and personal responsibility in all relationships. And we seek to work collaboratively, respect and value our differences, and enjoy the opportunity to work across cultures – Yang Yuanqing

IBM Thinkpad T42 (purchased 2005 ) against Lenovo ThinkPad SL400 ( purchased 2009)

I inadvertently recommended a IBM ThinkPad when it turned out to be a Lenovo. I am embarrassed over this referral. I never knew of this company.

The power cord jack is defective internally

The Lenovo brand

Issues over obtaining a copy of  the operating system on a Lenovo ThinkPad SL400

Then, i used over fourteen disks including a DVD*  to create the recovery discs when  Lenovo stated that you needed 1 DVD and 1CD. They have revised it. “Creating recovery discs using ThinkVantage Rescue and Recovery Use the following steps to create recovery discs for the preloaded version of Windows Vista installed on your system: Note: You will need 1 CD and 1 DVD or 8 CD’s to complete this process”.

The computer failed to complete the task.  I demand the replacement. It took over seven hours to do this process  trying to obtain  a copy of the operating system which you legally have paid for. These burnt CDs and DVD are trash.

* We announced an agreement with Lenovo that creates a powerful new leader in the PC industry. Lenovo will acquire IBM’s Personal Computing Division and create a new company that will bring the strengths of IBM’s legendary PC business …..Before the transaction closes in the second quarter of 2005, nothing changes. And after the transaction closes, your experience as an IBM customer should be the same. Your IBM sales teams should include the same PC specialists, only they will be Lenovo specialists who will continue working closely together with their IBM colleagues. IBM customers will still have access to the world’s finest PCs, integrated into end-to-end, on demand solutions. And IBM has contracted to support the new Lenovo with the PC service support, and financing — and the long-term relationships you expect.


This is the report from the owner, the computer is under warranty: S/N: 4l3-bgf3d 09/01

Yang Yuanqing c/o Rory Read
Lenovo, President and Chief Operating Officer; Acting President, Latin America

To whom it may concern,

I am writing with much sadness and frustration over the purchase at MEMORY BANK  less then a one year on, of the Lenovo laptop ThinkPad SL400. I purchased the machine after my MacBook 15 inch machine was stolen.  I am a designer, so the need to purchase a machine quickly was the reason that I bought the Lenovo.

I am very familiar with both PC and MAc laptops. I have used from floppy disks to external hard drives, being on the ground floor of design innovated software, so I am fully aware of the changes, challenges and pitfalls of using both platforms. When I first bought the Lenovo, I found the machine a bit sluggish next to my MacBook, but I let this pass. The door to the CD/DVD player was also very difficult to open and close. But again, I assumed that the machine was new and had some small teething problems. The first thing that went wrong, just three months into the purchase was the touchpad and keyboard. I also had some issues with the machine freezing up and having to shut it down. This caused me to have to take out the battery. (Something that I dislike doing and would prefer not to do) However, when I brought the machine to be serviced, I did not mention the freezing, as I wanted to again, give the product the benefit of time.

A few months on, the machine continued to periodically crash,(and I have no gigantic design files on the machine!)The key board occasionally prevents me from writing the letter ‘t’, ‘i’or ‘a’. The computer now tells me that I have 1% battery life and will shut down – when it is actually plugged in! Simple programmes like Microsoft Word freeze up as well. Unfortunately this machine has also caused me some embarrassment when I took the machine with me to a reputable printer to transfer files on a job. The machine would not log on, although the company had WiFi. I could not transfer the files from my machine to their Mac or PC platforms. In fact the machine did not deliver at all, and I was left making excuse after excuse while my client politely laughed nervously as fifteen minutes of trying everything I could, and then their technicians could, turned into an hour and a half.

Having issues in the privacy of your own home is one thing. Having issues professionally, is quite another. The machine has shut down many times, and I have left it off for a day or two and then gone back to it. It then boots up without much trouble. But now, it makes chiming noises and clear distress clarion calls. I am satisfied with the cooling fan system on the machinehowever, but the battery pack does get extremely hot. In all of my years of using computers,(1987 to the present) I regret to state that this product has left very little to be desired. I have really tried to work with it without having to come back to your establishment to fix it at every turn. I am left quite stunned by the ineffectiveness of this product.

It has cost me work, it has reduced my pleasure as an object of relaxation and it has caused me stress, as I wonder what and why it is so troublesome. I am now at a place where I need some satisfaction.  I have done my best by this machine, but now I leave it in your hands to diagnose and deduce where I should go from here.

Most Sincerely,

Adele Todd,
Port of Spain, Trinidad, West Indies


I think Lenovo owns her back her money or a MAC

Ironically this website is updated with the IBM Thinkpad T42


A brand lens that’s not compatible with its brand camera, that’s unthinkable….I have learnt by default that miracles could happen to teach one the importance of observation, the World Wide Web and of course truth. I bless those whose aim is to see through the mistakes of the past, only then do we benefit


Self-portrait, photographed with Pentax K10D in timer mode, AF spot

Pentax writes,

John Carlson Sr. Manager, Product Marketing & Customer Support
PENTAX Imaging Company / 600 12th Street, Suite 300, Golden, CO 80401 /
PHONE: 303.728.0337 / FAX: 303.728.0187 / BE INTERESTING. PENTAX

After reviewing your “post” I couldn’t find anything that would definitively indicate an issue with your K10D that couldn’t also be user error.  I would have to ask if you ever contacted Pentax Customer Service regarding the supposed issue, or if you instead put your efforts into this blog?  It seams that contacting someone at Pentax would have been the more constructive course of action.

And while your post suggests that Pentax build a camera that is reliable and easy so use, you should also note that the K10D won five prestigious camera awards around the world during its run.

If you would like us to take a look at your K10D, we are more than willing to determine if the camera is malfunctioning.  Again, the photos in your post don’t necessarily indicate an issue, but simply an image out of focus.
Thank you,


After much frustration trying to determine why this camera failed to focus correctly, I endeavored to research the problem affected by many users over Pentax, and particularly this camera the K10D. The error  is that of the Pentax itself and of its incompatibility of lenses which the Pentax K10D camera had been marketed to work with, flawlessly we presumed.  It claimed to be compatible with all Pentax lenses built since 1964. This meant that its lenses could be mounted on the camera, however they were not guaranteed to work correctly by means of a term called front and back focusing. The camera and lens had to be calibrated which its measurements were  stored. This was limited to 5 calibrated lenses  (reported) in the K10D.

The problem therefore stood if you used a different lens, you may have faced the problem of out of focused images. Only Pentax could correct  this until the camera’s firmware was hacked and the company quickly released an update to disable the function called debug mode. The more cameras and lenses that were brought into service, they tested the correctness  of each lens. This supplied data for future models at the cost of consumer’s time, expense and bewilderment.  I can only conclude that this adjusts the focal-plane of the sensor in micrometers movements, why this is necessary I do not know. If focusing errors had occurred on a film camera, I am quite sure this company would be out of business.

It should be noted the in trouble shooting manual over if a  glitch of the camera not focusing when what you see is in the view finder is in focus is never mentioned.

You can calibrated the Pentax K10d with a PC Windows compatible XP Russian debug mode software.

Firmware 1.3 debug

The password for the  installation is :

1.Make sure your battery is fully charged.

2. Set up a focal point, I used a steel ruler in a cup and pointed the camera at 45 degrees at a center mark. The debug focus correction is a scale rule measured in  increments of +/- 10 micrometers. Set at 0 and began with a shot taken before to determine where  the camera focused, ie:  before or behind the subject. This takes some time.

To add and remove the debug mode follow the steps carefully as explained here


Calibration lens setup photographed with the Pentax k10d re-calibrated with the debug mode software, handheld 60 at f2.5  AF spot anti-shake off at 100 ISO

Suggestions to Pentax update firmware 1.4

1. Post a bulletin over the issue of this camera to certain Pentax lenses

2. Integrate the lens calibration and offer a chart to aid users with particular lenses.

3. Revamp the menu display, keep it precise without nonfunctional  icons.

4. Improve the jpeg quality to its highest standard.

5. Have a mirror lock up  in timer mode, it is useful to prevent any mirror  disturbances

6. Correct the overall dullness  produced from this camera

7. Offer a rebate or trade in when owners want to buy another Pentax, refurbish and re-sell as a classic model

6. Be recognized for something…..Make more of life PENTAX in the interest of your customers without their kind support, you do not exist.

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

“We are not looking just to increase the number of models and go aggressively after unit sales, the most important thing is to pursue profit. But we are not going to complain if sales keep increasing as they have.” – Fumio Urano

death of

My trusty sidekick of a camera had some major freakouts this weekend. It took lots of pictures just fine, but then there were batches of photos like this. This happened on and off with multiple batteries and memory cards, lenses and shooting modes. And I treated it so nicely! At least it worked well intermittently (I guess!) Of course it’s 9 months out of warranty, but we’ll see what the nice people at Pentax customer support have to say to me. Hopefully something nice, and not just “time to buy another camera body!”

source Flickr


Frame 1 Download


Frame 2 Download


Frame 3 Download

To determine whether or not the user of this camera was incapable of photographing in focus. The camera was set under these conditions.

1. Green line

2. Auto focus (green)

3. Another switch Auto focus (green)

4. Multi-frames

5. ISO auto 100-1600

6. Pentax 50mm 1.4 lens.

I looked to the sky and caught these vultures swooping down. I pointed the camera, I panned, (IT DID NOT FIRE) the bird continued, it swooped across again. (THE CAMERA DID NOT FIRE) So I switched it to manual focus, set the lens to infinity. These are the shots. I need answers to why?

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

Sometimes when you think its  going good, a gitch happens and changes all the stakes, we thought over the years it would be fixed, don’t count on that. Business in business, features  are looked upon as a catch, we are told…if only this mistake was not true…..


“It says this, but is doing this, who wrote this manual, Fumio Urano?”  The composition using a  Kodak Brownie Fiesta lens mounted on the Pentax k10D

In a correspondence with ricehigh of  ricehigh’s Pentax blog, he suggested to me that,  “I think the problem you face is just about the design limitations of the K10D” and concluded that , “K10D is infamous for inaccurate focusing with various different Pentax lenses, especially when you focus at large apertures with a fast prime”

I wrote:

Dear ricehigh,

Last week I received an email from Pentax’s Imaging USA
product manager, John Carlson, in it he wrote his concerns
over the images I had posted on the blog, and he eluded that
it may be a user error offering Pentax service to see if the
camera indeed had malfunctioned. This has be concerned, I am
careful when ever I focus.

The Pentax K10D camera was set under these conditions

So I did some research to see if the Pentax K10d had
problems over its focusing, and to my astonishment there
were many complains.There is even a chart were you could
calibrated it to see if the lens is not aligned. I really
don’t care. This is not the consumer’s
responsibility. If calibrations are needed to adjust each
lens, Pentax should integrated it as part of  its

I also read that the focusing screen may be an issue over
manual focusing, there too could have errors. The matter to
me was its removal and cleaning, now this. Then one or two
persons reported that the anti shake switch broke off. I
have had problems with the camera staying in modes after I
have switched it to another, and many users wrote seeking
HELP over something going wrong posted on the internet.

I thought it could be the lens, perhaps the housing was
loose, but if the camera focused correctly, the blur would
be diagonally across the image and the object should still
be in focus. What do you think? I am not a technician.
I was so furious over these reports and literally took the
camera and put it in the trash…(safely of course, I am no

Since then Pentax has released three or more cameras,
something called the K-X then K-7 whatever. They are using
colour customizing to sell it.  I like the idea of
penlight batteries, its very useful and universal. I also
think that Brands are responsible for their product and the
reputation and loyal buyers like you. With out them, they
will be out of business.

I looked at the Leica  website and was appalled over
its navigation and elitism. Spending $9000 on a camera is
ludicrous with reports such as comparing it with a $98
dollar Kodak easyshare.  I made a parody of the website
by putting on my leather jacket, and going outside and
taking a picture by remote control using my (no offense
Canon Pro 1) I think if a camera supports the remote control
feature, then it should come in the box.

All I want is a camera built to replace the 1976 Canon F1
with the 50mm L lens, where I could photograph, hand held
without flash day and night shots as low as 15 of a second,
film speed 25
. Can any digital camera today can offer this?

” Dear RiceHigh,

> I got so confused over your post, how does pentax manged
> over this flaw? Why would anyone purchase their equipment?
> On another note, you say you own the canon D5 full frame, do
> you really see the difference comparing it with the Pentax?

Yes, the 5D has better IQ (low noise, high image details, high color accuracy),
faster but more accurate AF, more accurate and consistent metering and exposure.”

The Camera industry needs to have an universal standards
over a sensor in resolution the fit industry imaging. How
many cameras do you need to buy really when they produce
them in increments 10 /12/13/14/18/ then 24/ MP and so
forth. What joy do people get? Is there really a difference?

I have forwarded this letter to Pentax, I am not sure what
the terms are over the repair / replacement / I am not
paying a cent. What I can say is that I am disappointed over
what was reported, and what was said of the Pentax K10d in
all its reviews.  The purchase was based on that

I hope we can all learn from this, I’ll keep you
posted, it may be the Head of Pentax himself, Fumio Urano,
The giant can’t tie his shoe


Richard Bolai

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

knowing your image can transcend eternity, cuss, because it needs to be done


Image source

Please click on this image to see the detail

3104 x 4672 píxels
Conditions: f3,5, 1/125 s, ISO 800, WB auto
Lens: Pentax 18-55 mm f3.5-5.6 DA AL WR.Format: RAW (DNG)

I just went on a link with samples of images taken with the Pentax k-7, at a speed of  iso 800, in anyone’s  estimation, should the noise at this speed be  so evident?

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

We always wonder what new gadgets can make us feel good, supreme over others. At first, I dreamed, then I read, it was so silly to think why they lied. Our product has a history, it’s a shame the digital world has come, we are fools to think Lieca could survive…


A rangefinder named Lieca  photographed by remote control, Canon Pro 1

Photoppoo’s Leica M8 reports….

Daddy’s $5,000 toy is a piece of shit. He and the other shills get their fellow Leicaphiles excited about this camera before it’s released. Now that everyone has blown $5,000, Jorge is using the RFF forum to shame the executives at Leica. Who should really be ashamed of their behavior? The GAS bags at RFF, of course! This “open” letter was posted all over the Internet

iphonerulez :Considering how netbook PC users must feel about overpriced goods, Leica must be going out of business or on the verge of bankruptcy. After all, nobody buys expensive products in this economy. is selling some Kodak Easyshare camera for $85 that takes pictures almost as well as this Leica priced at $9000. Surely the Leica can’t take pictures that much better to cost almost $8900 more. Oh, that’s right, Leica is just cheating it’s customers into thinking it’s a better camera than a Kodak Easyshare. And Leica users are just arrogant dicks for owning something that most users can’t afford. I know most of you PC netbook users are happy with your Kodaks, so walk around proudly with your chests puffed out.

tekd: Well, Leica really has been on the verge of bankruptcy for years now. Almost filed 4 years ago.

Dummy00001:  Can any photographer explain me why the rangefinder costs that much?

I can understand why some monster Canon or Nikon costs arm and a leg. But M8 is compact – but say 4/3 Panay or Oly are compact too, cost magnitude less, have more lenses and have comparable specs. The camera isn’t that high-end – outside it’s sentimental value. Where the hell from comes the $8000-9000 price tag?


Leica should start making fake “uber brassing” models and market them as former cameras used by real photographers(ha!). I’ve used Leicas a bit years ago, and they are really great tools. The brand and the legacy deserve more than the moronic collector bait they have been foisting. Maybe if Leica concentrated on making cameras instead of fashion crap they could still hold their head high.


A memorable photograph taken with a Leica from the book Leica Manual 1944

The Online Photographe;

Mind you, I’m not knocking Leica’s choices. It made the M8 as much like an M as possible because that’s what its faithful wanted, and giving your customers what they want can hardly be construed as a bad thing. The M8 is trying to be an M that just happens to be digital; but in terms of my thought experiment, if it were a film camera, it would feel not so much like a Leica but like a clunky, cheaper copy of a Leica. The feeling of build quality is almost there but not quite; the shutter delay doesn’t have the razor-sharp responsiveness of the film M’s (the Canon XTi to which I compared the M8 has a markedly better, quicker, and more responsive shutter feel); the controls, although nicely conceived, are somewhat slow and unsure; and the always-ready, always-on, tough-as-nails feel of the film cameras just doesn’t translate to what is, after all, mainly a piece of electronics. Nice try—A for effort—but a miss. If it weren’t a digital camera, the M8 wouldn’t quite make it as a Leica.

From L.Camera Hassiman

You are not alone. You are correct, the changes are minimal… total crap. I bought a used (original) Leica and I love it. Leave the upgrades for the Leica fetishist. Buy glass. That will add something to your photography. Please, do not give Leica the satisfaction of a “financial bail-out” for a camera that was not originally up to German engineering standards. Make them bring something to market that is up to Leica standards or perish. Make them build a Mercedes. Don’t let them get away with a Ford.

Over the past several years, Leica has used KODAK CCD Image Sensors in their most advanced digital products – most recently, the LEICA M8.

I have been a Leica M/R owner since 1970. I have long loved their cameras and lenses but I have come to the realization that in today’s digital world the time of the Leica camera as we know it may just about be at an end.

In the days of film it was a good rational that even if you were not well-heeled a Leica camera was worth saving for, and that goal once attained would give one the most finely-built pieces of photographic equipment on the planet, one that would probably outlast its owner even after decades of heavy use. When a newer, faster, better ISO color or B&W film came out we just loaded it into the camera and it worked. No other adjustment necessary.

We now live in a world where newer better detectors (senors) are always just around the corner. The product life on a particular camera body as state-of-the-art is now measured in months. Canon has been able to sell not so finely made DSLR bodies for $5,000 – $8,000 only because they had a lock on the full-frame sensor market. Given recent developments this is no longer true and because Canon has competition prices on high end DSLR bodies will soon be falling.

The day of the hand-made finely machined German camera body selling for thousands of dollars is Kaput.
Photographers will no longer be willing to pay that kind of money for a camera… no matter what its brand, that will be obsolete with a year of purchase. This is the harsh reality that Leitz now faces. Yes, Leitz will always be able to market limited edition pieces to the wealthy collectors, but that market is not big enough to sustain a large corporation.

The REAL value that Leitz needs to concentrate on are the pieces that DON’T become outmoded every 6 months… Leitz lenses… not the designs they have branded for panasonic… but the Brass and steel hand-fitted wonders that are as good today as they were 40 years ago ( My 40 tear old 50mm F2 Summicron will still hold its own against anything built today) If they can find a way to mass produce the rangefinder and build an M body that sells for $1,500 that will accept the M mount lenses they will have a chance. If they don’t…. Leica will go the way of Agfa… and I will mourn their passing.

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

Sometimes when you think its  going good, a gitch happens and changes all the stakes, we thought over the years it would be fixed, don’t count on that. Business in business, features  are looked upon as a catch, we are told…if only this mistake was not true…..



These two photographs were taken during a live performance, the Pentax K10D was mounted on a tripod, the lens was Pentax 50mm 1.4 . The conditions I recall were either F8 or F11 at 100 ISO * This is unacceptable.


When the Pentax K10D hits the mark and gets it right  Download

This report is aimed to alert designers that simplicity in how things  work is the key to a reliable product. I never expected that my efforts would be couched as if I did something wrong. The sequence of photographs were taken with this camera with one of its lens.  I discovered that when the auto focus switch was on,  it just did not focus on the object…and then it did.  This needs to be explained.  To guarantee that these  photographs would be correctly in focus, I switched it to manual focus. To my horror this was the result……I just had enough.

The Pentax photographed with the Canon Pro 1, 1/8, F2.7 auto ISO. Hand held. Download

Pentax K10. s/n 2539901. A camera that photographs beautifully at times, but has a major issue focusing on objects. No photographs are guaranteed to be properly in focus. Not recommended. Too many functions. Stick to the principle. Exposure, time, sensitivity.


May I asked why Pentax why?

mikew wrote:

Hmm well I found this some time ago:

I have big news!

If your K10D have problem with focus, you can adjust it yourself.

Someone in Korea figured it out himself.

He is not a employee of Pentax or related company.

He just found out by trial-and-error with key-set.

Of course, You yourself is responsible for doing something scribed below.

Here’s How-to-adjust-focus.

1. Your K10D’ firmware version must be 1.10.

2. Test shot for focus trouble.

3. Turn the camera OFF.
While pressing [PLAY]+[OK], Turn the camera ON.
You can see firmware version on LCD screen.

4. Firmware version is appeared,
then press [Fn]->[Fn]->[INFO]->[MENU] within 5 seconds.
You get service menu!!!

5. by pressing [right key]
then press [OK].
(save and LCD will be black out)

6. Press [MENU] and go to SETUP tab.
then, Press [Up key], you can see TEST MODE.

7. Select AF TEST menu. now you have AF correction menu.
If you have Front-focusing, reduce the value.
If you have back-focusing, increase the value.
after adjust some value, press [OK] and quit out of setup menu.

8. TEST for focus, find out that focus is correct.
(repeat this from 6 for correct focus.)
9. Go to service menu(step 3,4).
then press [OK].(save and LCD black out)

10. Go out and enjoy nice photos!!!

AGAIN, You yourself is responsible for any damage or trouble by doing this process!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I too can only say use it at your peril!

Improved AF Accuracy of the K20D (Under White Lights Only) courtesy of RiceHigh’s Pentax blog

* For a lens with significant aberrations (e.g. a consumer zoom at maximum focal length and minimum focus distance), stopping down to f16 may give optimum results. For a lens with less aberrations (e.g. a consumer zoom used at infinity focus), optimum performance is around f11, though both f8 and f16 are very similar. Source

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

What I know is this, the principle of anything  that serves an industry should be capable of working flawless, if not at all.  Mistake occur if decisions are overseen too quickly, faced with the market, trying to compete with its competitor. The trouble is never the user of the product, I share this as a warning. Like attracts like…

Exposures Pentax K10D All Modes

Green line 60 at F1.4 Download

P mode 60 F1.7  Download

SV mode F60 2.0 – ISO 140 Download

TV mode 60 F1.7 Download

AV mode 60 F1.4 Download

T/AV mode 60 F1.4 – 140 ISO Download

M mode 45 F1.4 100ISO Download

Conditions: Handheld with Pentax 1.4 50mm lens. Anti-Shake system off. Speed ISO 100 Daylight Auto focus ARS

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

I want to dream like all men, I want to think its over, but its not. You see I am here right in front of you. Love is ready to expand, over time truth will reign in seas so salt, OBEY…


The Pharaoh reads then dies  Photographed with the Canon Pro 1 remote control

Meghan Edwards: Maybe it’s user error? I love my K10D!!!

My Reply: I never said I did not like the Pentax, I just prefer the Canon because it works every time. These are not toys to me to waste my efforts. Just do it, look at the object, calculate the distance, press the shutter and take a damn good photo……

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved


Dear Mr. Urano,

Thank you for sending that message. I really appreciated it, although the intentions stated the my knowledge of photographing was inept, misaligned, out of focus…I think this photograph speak otherwise taken in Italy during my travels in Europe and just after my studies at the Ontario Collage of Art in Toronto.

Taken with a Canon F1 with a Canon 50mm L 1.2 lens hand held. Afga negative film speed 100. Michelangelo di Lodovico Buonarroti Simoni’s last sculpture, the Rondanini Pietà, Castello Sforzesco, Milan, 2004

There is a sample of how I had wished the Pentax K10D would have worked, it was to replace this camera and in part a 50mm lens with a large aperture. Hence my disappointment.

Camerablues Richard Bolai copyright ©2009 All Rights Reserved

I like to know who is responsible? Tell us. Choosing things, gathering dust. When I read your comments it over big boy. this camera is perfect, yes perfect in the minds of loyal consumers. Look at it, pay less, feel rich, only if I can convince them that it too is shit


Look Demi, its a blinding beam and not water, I’ve been punked, Nikon sucks

“Hey Ashton, should you be with Demi when taking all those controlled Nikon photographs with younger chicks, Bootya?

Nikon P5100 Engineered for Artistry, Unleash Your Potential, Smart. Sharp. Simply Brilliant. Incredible Pictures, Incredible Possibilities, Incredibly Easy! Fast. Precise. Agile. Evolution in Motion Digital Masterpiece Extreme power and precision delivering exacting detail.

See the winning picture at the Heart of the image Precise control, Powerful photography. Breathtaking Digital performance

This is a photograph of the Nikon cool pix p5100 taken with a Pentax k10D.  Hand held. Auto (Green line) without flash at natural daylight. Exposure 6. F1.4. ISO 100, Anti shake switch off. Lens, 50mm 1.4. It should be noted that a camera using a lens with such a large aperture should not have results such as this. Download

Nikon cool pix p5100. s/n  30400840. Compact well built, view finder has errors, camera does not fire at critical moments. Zoom is not smooth and difficult to control. Pointless.  It also has an assistance focus orange lamp that can blind you. Speeds over 400 ISO has too much noise. Images are clear when photographed in good light conditions. Video relatively acceptable if filmed during the day. Night film shots are grainy.


Trinidad Carnival, 2008. Set inadvertently at 3200 ISO – It  shoots like a disposable

Nikon notes: ISO 3200 capability
Extended light sensitivity range up to ISO 3200* adds the power to shoot more effectively in lower lighting conditions, or to capture fast moving subjects with outstanding clarity. And the new image processing engine produces clear results, even when shooting with high ISO settings.

On the DPreview blog, a reader wrote,

I am no electronics guru, but wouldn’t it be possible to give the P5000/P5100 the ability to shoot RAW via a firmware update? I have seen on the web where people have hacked the firmware in some Canon point and shoot cameras and added RAW shooting capability where there was none before. I e-mailed Nikon yesterday and “asked” for a firmware update, but I am sure unless they get a boatload of e-mails, mine probably just went into file 13 lol. How about everyone who has a P5000/P5100 e-mail Nikon and ask the same thing ? Any Nikon firmware people listening lol

Nikon did listen, in its P6000 model it had what he requested, RAW capabilities. Thank you Nikon

L Ferguson

I have had no end of problems with the viewfinder zoom breaking down on this camera. It was sent away under warranty to be fixed, took months and now after only another 6 months has broken down again. Definitely would not recommend this camera for this reason. It is useless without the viewfinder as outdoors nothing can be seen on the LCD screen.

B. Black

I have to say that the focus inconsistency on the P5100 is so pronounced, in various lighting situations, that I have actually written to Nikon to point this out. CU shots, mid-range portraits and night shots are next to impossible, with hunting and even BEEP-BEEP little green box ‘you’re in focus’ advisories leading to really sharp backgrounds and the subject of the shot in very soft focus. It’s the kind of pukey performance you’d expect from a dime store made-in-china digital, not a Nikon. Have tried various focus modes, take exceptional care while focussing (which tends to ruin spontaneity and snapshooting), but still get the problem.

Not happy at all. A pocket camera should have quick, accurate autofocus. Otherwise, what’s the point? I think it’s back to Casio for me. Or maybe Canon. Or a Lumix. But Nikon sucks.

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Photography in many aspects is told by the imagination, in other words what you want is the basic portrait of what we see. I like landscapes, you may differ in your opinion. But all this is the same whether the product fits the purpose. Love it, do your research, if out whether your camera is appropriate. Don’t despair, It takes a long time, preparation, watching the moving skies. Brilliance in anything requires tolerance. ‘Bokeh is beautiful, infinity is pacified by mountains, trees, light, meadows and leaves. Bring back what you can not make, the lens, the aperture, distance, figure who rules…


Doubles exposures photographed with a 1958 Konica IIIM. Cemeteries and Churches, Trinidad, 2004

The Letter

Fumio Urano,
Charmen of Pentax Co-operation
2-7-5 Naka-Ochiai, Shinjuku, Tokyo

Dear Mr. Urano,

I write to complain over the quality of a camera which is the Pentax K10. It has failed in many occasions to properly photograph in situations as simple as the camera shown in a case study on my website. You are as I am,dismayed.


Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your kind thoughts over an issue involving this Pentax product.The purpose of this study is to make manufacturers aware that buyers of their products are not guinea pigs when their equipment fails to take a simple photograph. How difficult is that?

We are then told by comments such as yours to stop complaining and download 1.1 1.2 1.3 1.4 1.5 firmware or get it repaired so the manufacturer can learn what flaws it had. Then they would make the corrections and urge fools to go out and buy the new and improved piece of…………… one month, glamorized in gloss. If this was a private jet, you bet they’ll make it fly.

Pentax may very well learn from all this and work diligently to produce a digital camera that would be admired for its reliability and ease of use, kept for many years. I am not here to plug anyone, I am here to show quality in one’s product.

Look at the industry, look at the losers, we have our flagship, they can't wonder when its time...People can't get enough, the biggest problems lies with currency...

C Moseley:

I bought a Canon 40D after it was introduced just under a year ago. Now I learn that Canon has replaced the model with the 50D selling at the same price point. I cant believe that this company is doing this. I feel both betrayed and swindled. Selling $1400 cameras with a half-life of six months without notifying consumers that the unit will be replaced in less than a year is dishonest. I have used Canon cameras exclusively for more than 30 years. When it comes time to replace my 40D I am purchasing a Nikon.

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